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(From left to right: Courtesy San Ysidro Health: Courtesy John Nelson/The San Diego Union-Tribune, Courtesy Teatro Mascara Majica)

Our Mission:
Preserving our rich Latino history, 
Recognizing our accomplishments 
that have contributed to the betterment of humanity.

We are excited to announce our multimedia online book project. 

Told in a three-part series, Part 1 and 2 are now online:

Bill Virchis, Co- Founder Teatro Mascara Majica
© Latino Legacy Foundation

Segregated classroom (Courtesy SD History Center)

Laura Rodriguez, Founder Family Health Centers
© Latino Legacy Foundation

Join Our Journey

We use multimedia as a powerful storytelling
tool to build knowledge, foster understanding
and to bring us together.

San Diego Latino Legacy
Timeline – Milestones – Stories

Our multimedia online book chronicles San Diego’s Latino experience, including our historic roots, civil rights that highlight the Chicano movement and current momentous events.

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Your donation is a gift to our community. Our online book will be accessible to the general public.

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