San Diego Latino Legacy
Multimedia Online Book Project

The Power of Storytelling.

Builds knowledge, Fosters understanding, Brings us together. 

And now more than ever, our stories need to be told.

San Diego Latino Legacy, Timeline – Milestones – Stories chronicles the evolution of the region’s Latino community after the Mexican-American War of 1848, the nation’s civil rights struggle that highlight 1960s Chicano movement, momentous current events and the influential role of Latinos in contemporary America.

These stories come to life through video interviews, inspiring first-person storytelling from individuals who have made history or are making history.

Students tell us, “The oral stories made me feel the human connection to our community.”

The Chapter Eras are introduced by San Diego’s most prominent professors from our prestigious universities San Diego State University, UC-San Diego and University of San Diego, as well as our community colleges. 

A Timeline also captures significant milestones of these Eras. 

This digital education tool is an opportunity to inspire our readers to reflect on San Diego’s Latino history—examine where we are today, provide a picture what our future may look like, and understand that there is a role we can play to make a difference for the betterment of humanity. 

Our target audience is diverse, ranging from junior high and college-bound students to parents and career employees, including business owners and executives in leadership positions.

This online book is free and accessible to the general public, including educators, students and parents via the Foundation’s website.

Told in a three-part series, Part 1 and Part 2 are on online. Part 3 will debut Fall 2024.

We invite community participation.

Tell us about a historical or significant event that impacted San Diego’s Latino community. And share with us your pictures. 

We will consider your submission.